A little over a month ago I created a blog about diabesity and my weight loss with the Blood Sugar Solution program. Even though the blog requires a lot of my time, I still enjoy sharing my thoughts and these wonderful recipes. This blog is helping me to stay focused on the bottom line of reaching my goal weight. Before I heard of the BSS I had tried weight watchers for over a month. Although, I know people really like that program and are successful with it…all it did for me was send me on a yo-yo of losing and gaining. I counted my points on the weight watchers website every day but it proved for me to be a big let down. But, with the BSS program once I have lost the pound it has stayed lost… with more pounds each week. I love it. And the food? I just can not tell you how wonderful I am eating. It’s real food, not frankinfood food. I hope that the many recipes I have posted here will give you a good clue about how great the food is. The main thing for me is to stay prepared so I manage my grocery list and menu every day. Stay tuned for more wonderful recipes, my menus and my thoughts! Your comments are very much appreciated too!

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