Day 42


Today is Sunday and I was up early so that I could try this omelet to see how I liked it. Really this recipe just takes minutes to prepare so I could have slept in a little longer. It is a wonderful way to enjoy eggs! My meals are all planned for the day and I will relax and enjoy the day.

Breakfast: Vegetable Omelet with Manchego Cheese

Lunch: Apple-Soy Roasted Salmon and tossed salad with Simply Dressed
Ranch Dressing

Dinner: Black beans with onions and salad with Simply Dressed Ranch Dressing


Day 42 — 2 Comments

  1. This recipe looks wonderful! We’ll have to try it for Sunday brunch sometime. Great job, Caro. Congratulations on all your progress:) Love you!

  2. Oh good… you found something that you would like to try. I just bought more of the Manchego cheese plus, I got some Pecorino (also from sheep’s milk). Just to see if the dish is better or different.