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Veggie Dog

Hello everyone. I’ve been thinking about my menus and thought I might explain a little of why I always have the same breakfast and lunch. The short version is that I have to work but, then I might be using that for an excuse rather than a reason. Dr. Hyman is working really hard to supply us with all different types of recipes; ones for each meal of the day to include two snacks. He has many recipes for both the basic and advanced Blood Sugar Solution programs and we are currently waiting on an e-recipe site. We’ll be able to go to the website and print out even more recipes!

So, there really are a lot of other lunches and or snacks that I could have; I don’t have to stick with the same ole, same ole everyday. But, I find it easier for me to quickly mix the protein shake for breakfast when I’m up and really not ready to be up. The lunch is another thing. I’m working in a facility that does not have a great place to warm up food so I make it easier on myself and just take raw veggies, pickles and nuts.

However, don’t get me wrong… I am very satisfied with all my meals. But, I know some of you who follow my daily menus are not crazy about having the same meal everyday! Which, may make you think you could never follow a plan like this. But believe me you will be able to find foods that you will enjoy so much so that you will forget about all the ‘frankinfoods’ out there and become creative with cooking real foods! I just find it more consistent for me which helps me to stay focused on the program. The BSS program also consists of 2 snacks a day (plus, three meals) but I normally don’t include a snack and I have not ever gone to bed with my stomach growling at me! haha.

Please leave any questions or comments here and join me in this wonderful program. We’ll get healthy together!




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