Another Weigh-In Day


Yes, I weighed this morning and I was so surprised that I have lost a pound. I can’t complain this week for losing just a pound because I know how well I have eaten during the week. Plus, I didn’t make it to exercise but one day…so I have to be happy with losing and not gaining. So, I weighed 227 on 9 April and now I weigh 211! It’s a whole lot of weight but I have confidence that I will reach my goal weight of 145.


Another Weigh-In Day — 4 Comments

  1. Love the bicycle-riding clown. He looks happy to be exercising. You have 66 lbs. to go to reach your goal. It’s good that you’re losing gradually. You’re doing great!

  2. Thank YOU for your sweet and encouraging comment! Only 66 pounds…eating like this will be a dream come true!

  3. I think losing slowly is better than losing fast. It gives your mind and body time to adjust to the ‘new you’ and to the nutritious foods, making it less likely that you’ll start re-gaining. So, ‘nice and easy’ does it! You’re in this for the long term and you’re doing great.

  4. Long term is right! I hope I never go back to the way that I was eating. And I agree! I don’t think you should lose it too fast. To me that’s a sure size of gaining it all back. This way I’m not depriving myself of any foods but slowly the weight is coming off. Who said you have to starve to lose weight. My only wish is that I had started this program a year ago when Shirley first told me about Dr. Hyman’s UltraMind cds.