Recipes Galore…The Path to a Healthy Life

I was so happy to read this latest article from Dr. Hyman’s blog. I now know that I will not be able to become bored with meals because Dr. Hyman has plans to have an e-recipe site where we can all go and download new recipes!

…I want each of you to achieve your goals and then sustain them for the rest of your life. The best way to keep reaping success after you complete one of my programs is to maintain this whole foods lifestyle and stick with the principles of anti-inflammatory eating day in and day out. I have wanted to make more of these recipes available to you so you have no difficulty doing this but I have been so busy and needed some help.

Then I thought, who has the best experience cooking tasty, fresh, real whole foods that are gluten and dairy-free? YOU!

Dr. Mark Hyman
from his May 2012 article Recipes Galore…The Path to a Healthy Life

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