Day 36

Milk bottle number

Today was a regular Monday for me…but I did make my ‘long’ hours at work! Hard but it finally came to an end and I was able to go home. I started taking a multivitamin today. Dr. Hyman does suggest different supplements that you should take and I finally got it worked out to what I should be taking. My meals today have been great. For lunch I had a veggie spread of chutney mango and cream cheese. It was a small treat because the cream cheese is not really on the advanced program of the Blood Sugar Solution because it contains milk.

Breakfast: protein shake

Snack: Larabar

Lunch: celery, carrots and cucumbers (with the chutney/cream cheese dip), pickles and olives and nuts.

Dinner: Creamy Chickpea Soup


Day 36 — 2 Comments

  1. Oh My, I didn’t even think about this. But, you are so right. How about that. We didn’t plan it this way but it was very satisfying.