Quoting Dr. Hyman


…The problem of chronic disease, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, is not a medication deficiency, but a problem with what we put at the end of our fork. The emperor truly has no clothes. Why would good men and women of science vote to approve a medication for a condition that is a social disease and requires a social cure? The social, environmental, economic, and political conditions of America and increasingly the global community have created an obesogenic environment. Clearly we need to do something. But it is not better medication or surgery or more angioplasties and stents, which have no proven benefit in over 90% of those who receive them. The data show they work for acute coronary events, but not stable angina or blockages.

-Dr. Mark Hyman from his March 2012 article Pharmageddon: Can a New Weight Loss Drug Really Save Us?”.

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