Obesity and Healthy: a report from NYT

This is a good article that explains how medication is not the answer to diabetes in our young people. Instead of medication we should be emphasizing good nutritional foods.

No Longer Just ‘Adult-Onset’

A study of diabetes in overweight and obese youngsters bears an ominous warning about future health care trends in this country. It found that Type 2 diabetes, a new scourge among young people, progresses faster and is harder to treat in youngsters than in adults. The toll on their health as they grow older could be devastating.

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Obesity and Healthy: a report from NYT — 1 Comment

  1. This story was on Newshour the other day as well. It’s so sad, especially for young people who have a lifetime in which to cope with health problems and medical expenses. When I taught elementary school eons ago, we were talking about nutrition in the school lunch program. Today we are still talking! And in so many ways the situation is worse now, with the proliferation of ‘fast-food’ joints and television ads.