Day 30

I think I’ll pat myself on the back! Today makes 30 consecutive days that I have been following Dr. Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution program. Each day is another filled with great recipes that I thoroughly enjoy. I have not had a diet coke or sweet tea for over 30 days and I really have not missed them. Water tastes better than it ever has! I don’t even crave sweets! Not so far anyway. In Dr Hyman’s BSS book he talks about the combinations of foods that will ward off hunger and cravings for the ‘bad’ ingredients that are in processed foods. He actually states that you become addicted to the ‘other’ ingredients that they load up in packaged foods so you begin to crave them. Well, I must be putting the right combinations together because I have had limited to no cravings.

Breakfast: I forgot to have my shake (never thought I’d be saying that when it comes to food. Haha)

Lunch: Chicken, cauliflower and nuts

Dinner: Turkey and Red Bean Chili


Day 30 — 2 Comments

  1. I was so glad to read what you wrote about water, that basic necessity of life. In the developed world where water is plentiful, H2O is highly underrated and undervalued. It’s what the body needs, not all those sugary drinks. Keep up the great work!

  2. Yea, I finally figured out why I couldn’t stand the taste of water. My taste buds were corrupted with all those sugar and non-sugary drinks! Thank the good Lord for helping me to realize how water is supposed to taste!