Day 29

This has not been a very good day. I woke up in the middle of night with chills and a tummy ache. I stayed home today from work because I have been hurting and also have a terrible headache. I skipped an early breakfast but had a good breakfast a little later after I started feeling better. It was a new creation that I made up as I went along…but it turned out so well that I will share it with you.

Breakfast: None

Lunch: Poached Eggs over Kale

Dinner: Chicken and olives


Day 29 — 4 Comments

  1. Hey CaFe! I am glad you’re feeling better today! I am so proud and happy that you are doing so well with this diabesity health kick!! You go girl! Love ya! 🙂

  2. Hey Rudi,
    Your words are so sweet! Thank you for visiting my site. Come back… but don’t worry, you have plenty of time because I have to keep doing this for 6 weeks. And hopefully, by then it will be the natural way that I eat!!!

  3. CaFe, I hope you meant to say that Rudi can visit any time because your new program will continue from now on.

  4. Good point. And yes! My plans are to make this a lifestyle of good healthy eating. Never processed food for me again. burger king??? where is that place? I could care less about one of their burgers. I’ll have my Chomp burger or the Turkey Meat Loaf when I think I want that stuff again!