Cost of the Blood Sugar Solution Program

I really wasn’t easesdropping—I was really just standing right there in the middle of the gym—when I heard one of my co-workers say to another lady, “to go on a radical change like that would really cost you a ton of money.” I had to pipe up and explain to them how much less it is costing me. I first bought the book which was about $27, but then shortly after, I stopped eating out in restaurants every day (big savings if you ask me).

But that’s not all, I have even noticed a decrease in my grocery bills. I buy veggies a lot, a few can beans and bags of beans, nuts and a few choice pieces of fish, chicken and turkey. So, for me I think I’m saving money by eating this way. But the biggest thing is that I am loving the foods that I prepare. The spices really add the flavor and now after going for 26 days without processed foods, sugars or grains I can taste the goodness in foods better. I have already mentioned how much better water tastes to me. And I am convinced that it’s because I was able to rid my system of the awful taste of diet coke so that the water would taste like it is supposed to taste.

So, thanks for listening. I needed to write this in case it might be helpful to someone who is thinking about trying this program and also for me so that I will remember the big changes even after I have been eating this way for a year…or more!


Cost of the Blood Sugar Solution Program — 2 Comments

  1. I would think the biggest cost savings would be in doctor and hospital bills! With a healthy diet and regular exercise, we’ll be saving money.

  2. Oh my YES! And when I can stop taking all this heart medication… I’ll be able to add that savings back into my healthy way of eating.