May 3 2012 Weigh in Day

picture of myself weighing 215

Well, we all had our ‘bets’ cast for this week of weight loss but it seems we all lost. I only lost 1 pound. I’ll refresh your memory…if you don’t mind. I was 227 when I started the Blood Sugar Solution program and last week I weighed 216. Now I weigh 215! It’s coming down and I honestly don’t care how slow I lose weight as long as it goes down…so I don’t get on that yo-yo of losing and gaining.

It has been wonderful eating this healthy way and now I just don’t see why I would want to stop. I’m feeling better every day and my energy level is increasing also. Slowly but surely I will get there.

So, here’s a picture of myself at 215… let’s count down together! And I thank you all for your support in my efforts to get healthy!!!


May 3 2012 Weigh in Day — 2 Comments

  1. You look wonderful in that turquoise color! And you’re so right—the number isn’t so important as the way you feel and your energy level. You are doing GREAAAAT!

  2. Thanks Min, I think I might try and sit in this chair when I update photos of myself as I slim down!!! And thanks for your great support!