Day 23

Tuesday Tuesday… glad I made it through Monday! My head has just now begun to hurt but I have had a busy day and now I can relax. After work I went to the gym and completed 1 mile on the treadmill and 1 mile on the stationary bike. (that bike was standing still but my legs sure weren’t! haha) I’ve also cooked a lot of veggies and beans for my lunches this week. Wonderful to be prepared.

Breakfast: protein shake

Lunch: nuts

Dinner: Turkey Meat loaf wrapped in collards and a tossed salad.


Day 23 — 2 Comments

  1. Just wondering. With the Blood Sugar Solution program, is it OK to have just a shake for breakfast? I’ve read that a good protein breakfast helps to stave off food-binging later in the day. What is your protein shake?

  2. I have yet to get the protein shakes that Dr Hyman suggests in his book and on his website but I am using a Lean Shake and Whey Protein. They might have a little more sugar than Dr H’s has but I had these already so after I have used them I will buy Dr Hyman. And yes, he does recommend a shake for breakfast. In his book “The Blood Sugar Solution” he has many recipes for different kinds of shakes. Adding fruits, veggies and also flax seed. Dr Hyman has a ‘whey protein’ shake on his site… so the ones I use may not be too ‘wrong’ for me right now. I’m now where a shake for breakfast is enough till I have my snack around 11am.