Day 8

I have finished the first week with the Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman and I have lost 4 pounds. One week ago I weighed 227 and this morning I was 223! Now I will continue on with some of Dr Hyman’s menus and some that I have created from information that I have read from his book. I’m still having headaches but they do not last long now. But, they may start about 4 times during the day.

Breakfast: protein shake

Snack: turkey, nuts and mixed veggies

Lunch: Salmon mixture wrapped in Collard Greens. Very ummy!!!

Dinner: Collards and Black Beans. Also very filling and good.


Day 8 — 2 Comments

  1. Instead of 82 lbs. to go to reach your 145 lb. target weight, you have only 78. If you lose 4 lbs. per week, at this rate, you will meet your target weight in 19.5 weeks. So, on August 31, 2012 you can celebrate & dance the Zumba! Gotta get those moves down right. But perhaps it isn’t safe to lose weight so quickly.

  2. You are right…it’s not really safe to lose that much every week. It was great that I lost 4 pounds the first week but that was mainly because I really ‘jump started’ my metabolism.