Thoughts: Revamping my Kitchen

In the book Blood Sugar Solution, Dr. Mark Hyman tells us to ‘revamp our kitchens’ of all the processed foods, white sugar and white flour and of course, the sugary drinks. I thought this would be much harder than it has turned out to be so I procrastinated with the ‘chore’ of revamping my kitchen. I didn’t want to throw “good food” out even though I had read that this good food is really not “real good foods”. But, how it has developed has been an easy way to do it. I continued to eat this food while I worked my way through Dr. Hyman’s book and before I realized it I had eliminated almost all of the wrong foods and was ready for a grocery-store run with a list of items that Dr. Hyman recommends. Since I started the program on the 9 of April 12 I needed to start with Dr. Hyman’s recipes in his book. I still have a few staples that I will not be using during my BSS program but as time goes on I will replace them with good real foods.

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