Drug Free Holiday Begins

I have now reached a place in The Blood Sugar Solution book by Dr. Mark Hyman where I am ready to start the first week of the program, what he calls the “Drug Free Holiday”. That means I will go for 7 days without any processed foods, breads, pastas or sugar (to include all sugary drinks-only water for me). I took all of the quizzes that Dr. Hyman has in his book and have discovered that I should go on the ‘Advanced’ program. The advanced program will include additional foods to avoid, like fruits, root vegetables and rice. Even though I have planned to begin this week, I am not quiet ready with the meals that I will eat. The reason I want to go ahead and begin the program today is that last Friday (6 April) I had my last diet soda. I’ve had a headache all day but I really believe it’s because of the diet soda. I plan to write a blog about my ‘success’ with this program for a few reasons. For one, I want to have a record for myself and also want to include anyone that would like to blog with me about the process. Dr. Hyman is all for getting your community involved with this program so this is my small way of achieving that.

Breakfast: None

Lunch: None

Dinner: Tilapia and kale


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